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Music Video

PAL has many traditions, but one of the most notable is the annual PAL music video.

The PAL music video usually consists of parodies of popular songs and contain references to Filipino culture or PAL itself.

Usually from beginning-to-mid spring semester, PAL members get the chance to suggest a song in a survey. After which, a music video committee comes up with the parody lyrics to the chosen songs.

If there are any available and willing, freshmen are asked to volunteer to sing the songs, but that doesn't prevent upperclassmen from singing any songs. After having chosen singers, the committee records them and plans filming accordingly.

Filming takes place all around the RPI campus and any and all PAL members are invited to attend filming sessions and be featured in the music video. Editors on the committee then edit the clips together, add effects, and overall make the music video the fun project that it is.

The music video is then premiered at Bayanihan during intermission for everyone to enjoy.

Filming takes place usually during the later half of the spring semester, so be sure to check the Palendar for details on where and when filming takes place! And don't worry if you can't attend one session, there are multiple sessions spread throughout multiple days, so you can find any that work in your schedule.

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