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Officer Elections

PAL has a very unique process for our E-board elections.

When election time rolls around, we have a GBM in which we allow PAL members to nominate any member they see fit for an e-board position, with those nominated given the option to either accept or decline. If accepted, that member is then considered in the running.

Unlike many clubs, there usually isn't much campaigning from e-board candidates, but rather we have another meeting where each candidate for a given position gets to give a speech on why they believe they are the best fit.

After all candidates for that position speak, they leave the room and the rest of the club discusses pros and cons of each candidate

After some debate, those attending the meeting vote on who they believe is the best candidate for their position.

The senior advisor keeps track of all the results, and reveals them at the end of Bayanihan!

Elections usually occur a few weeks before Bayanihan, but be sure to check the Palendar around then for more details!

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